IKE Fest, Gr. 9 Farewell, PHSSAM & Cheese Whiz!

It is hard to believe that June is upon us this week. Where did the last couple of months go? We have many events occuring that we want to ensure you are aware of. First of all, IKE Fest is set to go this week Thursday (June 1st). From 4:00-6:00 come down to the school for many activities including facepainting, wet sponge throwing, chalk art, ball hockey and a BBQ! June 8th is also a busy day for us as we have Grade 9 Farewell/Prom and PHSSAM. During the day grade nine students will be going on a fieldtrip to West Edmonton Mall and then they will finish off the day with a family dinner at the school. PHSSAM (Pembina Hills Small School Athletic Meet) is also occuring on the 8th of June for our grades four to six students.Other small schools in our school division will be coming to our school, as we are hosting, and participating in track and field events. Students have been preparing and are excited for the day!


On an unrelated note, we are in need of Cheese Whiz for our breakfast program. If anyone happens to have Chese Whiz that you are willing to donate and bring to the school or send with your child for our morning breakfast program we would be more than appreciative! Thank you!