Staffing for 2017-2018

As one school year winds up we are also busy preparing for the next to begin. Part of that process, is to complete our staffing needs. We are thrilled to announce the following list of our staff who will be with us for the 2017-2018 school year:


Teaching Staff:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Kim Andrews (until November) and then Mrs. Nadine Stoyko when her maternity leave is complete

Grade 1: Mrs. Jill Rauscher

Grade 2: Miss Jesslynn Weir

Grade 3: Mrs. Chyan Brand

Grade 3/4 Combined Class: Ms. Erinn Conn

Grade 4: Mr. Kyle Laughy

Grade 5T: Mrs. Tara Thue  

Grade 5W: Mrs. Dellainie Waters

Grade 6 Homeroom: Mr. Tim Gezmish

Grade 7 Homeroom: Mrs. Michelle Savoie

Grade 8 Homeroom: Mr. Albert Perreault

Grade 9 Homeroom: Mrs. Marie Wasieczko

Music: Mrs. Leah Schryver

Principal: Ms. Nadine Marchand

Associate Principal: Mr. Dale Erickson

Please see the individual posts on our website for an introduction to our new teachers!

Non-Teaching Staff for 2017-2018:

Mrs. Janette Ringuette (front office staff)

Mrs. Renee Moscaluk (front office staff)

Ms. Leigh Smit (Success Coach)

Mrs. Theresa Sterling (Program Assisstant/ Rehab Assistant)

Program Assistants for 2017-2018:

Miss Kerri-Ann Madson

Mrs. Desiree Kochan

Mr. Chris Lantz

Ms. Julie MacLean

Mrs. Cindy Hnatiuk

Mrs. Verna Nyal

Mrs. Bernadette McNalley

Ms. Celina de Zoete

Ms. Miranda Sjostrom

Mrs. Tammy Anderson

Mrs. Anita Sloat

Miss Brittani Smith